Race Outline

You compete in teams while navigating your way through some of the 24 000 islands in the Stockholm archipelago. The race follows a suggested route, but the course is dynamic leaving the racers to choose the most optimal for them. The swimmers will cut through, the runners will aim for the easy fast trail.


The race starts early in the morning at point A

The teams will cater for themselves during the day

Support vessels will be available

Standard swimrun rules for gear applies

Teams will carry basic mandatory gear

No trash can be thrown in the nature

Everyone starts togehter

The support vessel will carry water, but no food / energy

The race window is 07:00 - 19:00*

There will be an evening cut at each point B

Each stage will finish at point B

All team members have to finish each stage

Accumulated stage time will be counted

Overall total race time will decide the winner

Breaking any rule = disqualification

A detailed race pm will be sent well in advance

The race is divided into 6* stages.

1: Arholma – Blidö Stämmarsund

2: Blidö Stämmarsund – Möja Långvik

3: Möja Långvik – Runmarö Styrsvik

4: Runmarö Styrsvik – Ornö church

5: Ornö church – Nåttarö south

6: Nåttarö south – Landsort

* . The rules for the last stage is weather dependent and finalized during

the race week. Normally with an extended race window.

Each team will have a map where ilands forbidden to enter will be clearly marked. Private properties cannot be entered. Each team will be tracked with the mandatory GPS device. Each taken route by the team will be studied in hindsight.

To get ahed in your planning, we suggest the following reading:


All participants must show that they have fully understood our terms of conditions and that this adventure is conducted under ones own personal responsibility. Each participant must have a casualty insurance.

Race course stage goals