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Stockholm Archipelago Ultraswimrun Challenge (SAUC)

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Welcome to the Ultraswimrun family - Welcome to our world

Just like the ÖtillÖ race was created from an urge for adventure, so was Ultraswimrun. We began our journey already in 2008 while preparing for our first swimrun race. What started with homemade training sessions around the race course, grew to longer and harder excursions into the archipelago outback. The desire to explore kept us going and the experience made us live to the fullest. With this, both Ultraswimrun (USR) and Adventure swimrun (ASR) was born.

Everyone is an adventurer, but Ultraswimrun is not for all. It doesn’t get any tougher than this. You will need to have extensive experience in both open water swimming and long-distance running, a strong endurance capacity and the will of few.

We at USR swimrun like the originals did. Less restricted, more natural and more adventurous. Our family is small, but our movement is growing.

In 2016, the Stockholm Archipelago Ultraswimrun Challenge (SAUC) was conquered, all 265 km of it. We are now working on making this available to the few who want to test their abilities to the max and possibly to become a #sauclegend. In the mean time, SAUC remains an open fastest known time (FKT) challenge for everyone. Its just waiting for you to go!

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