Stockholm Archipelago Ultraswimrun Challenge (SAUC)

Arholma - Landsort: The  265 km(-ish) USR Challenge 

Challenge the most amazing swimrun adventure there is, in the archipelago were swimrun was born. Conquer the classical route Arholma - Landsort, by swimrunning from the northernmost lighthouse at Arholma, to the most southernly at Landsort. You will experience the entire Stockholm archipelago, while working your way through circa 90 islands and 260 km of off-trail running and open water swimming. 

This open adventure challenge is not for anyone. The route, which started to take form already in 2008, as preparations for ÖtillÖ 2009, is dynamic and will take the challengers through the most heavy technical terrain the archipelago have to offer. The swims are epic but exposed and rough seas can be expected if the weather gets bad.

You will need to have extensive experience in both open water swimming and long-distance running, a strong endurance capacity and the will of few.

The 1st ever finisher completed the full course, summer of 2016. You can read more about it here.

Race Outline

You swimrun individually or in teams, while navigating your way through some of the 24 000 islands in the Stockholm archipelago. This fastest known time (FKT) challege follows a suggested route, but the course is dynamic leaving the challengers to choose the most optimal for them. The swimmers will cut through, the runners will aim for the easy fast trail. However, all waypoints (below) have to be passed.


The FKT starts at point A - Arholma, Båk

The FKT is either supported, or unsupported

and finishes at point B - Landsort Lighthouse

Unsupported challengers carry all energy / equipment

Standard swimrun rules for gear applies

Safety vessels are allowed

No trash can be thrown in the nature

You decide when to rest, or not to rest at all

Everyone starts together and finishes together

Breaking any rule = DNF

If team members DNF, it's a "Fun Swimrun"

The FKT has 5 way points that you have to pass

1: Blidö Stämmarsund

2: Möja Långvik

3: Runmarö Styrsvik

4: Ornö church

5: Nåttarö south

Ilands forbidden to enter are clearly marked. Private properties cannot be entered. A GPS tracker is mandatory. Each taken route will be studied in hindsight.

To get ahed in your planning, we suggest the following reading:

SAUC map including waypoints